American breakfast

American breakfast or American breakfast is one of the hits of the mythical rock group Supertramp.

Breakfast in North America is quite similar to the English breakfast in eggs and bacon, but adds more ingredients such as pancakes or famous pancakes, oatmeal porridge and sometimes French toast (some of these last three options usually accompany the eggs with bacon). In Home Cooking we tell you how to prepare an American breakfast.

If there is a country that has gained prominence in a few centuries of history, it is the United States. ‘The land of opportunities’. Thousands of people emigrated to the United States during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and thanks to that in its gastronomy we find influences from many countries, from China, Ireland, Italy and also the United Kingdom. The American breakfast, has enough of the English, although it incorporates some own specialty.

In English, proteins stand out, in American, in addition to proteins, pancakes, maple syrup, chocolate or fruits are incorporated. To drink, coffee (that American coffee has little to do with ours, it is very soft) and juices, if you enjoy gastronomy and travel, we will tell you the step by step of this succulent breakfast.

Ingredients for American Breakfast for 2 people

For american breakfast

Eggs – 4 units

Bacon slices – 4 units

Pancakes – 6 units

Butter – 60 grams

Maple syrup – 1 tablespoon (optional)

For the pancakes

Milk – 125 milliliters

Eggs – 1 unit

Sugar – 35 grams

Flour – 100 grams

Chemical yeast (baking powder) – 7 grams

Sunflower oil – 10 grams

Salt – a pinch

Olive oil – to spread the pan

How to make the American Breakfast recipe:

In a frying pan without oil add the bacon, and cover with a little water. Light the fire to the maximum and let the water boil

Lower the heat to half and let it reduce the water. Then when it has hardly any water, reduce the heat to a minimum, turn it over and wait for it to brown. Being rich in fat, it does not lack oil. In about 15 minutes we will have the bacon ready without having to add extra oil or butter.

In the same pan we now add a little butter and fry the eggs to our liking. Season with salt and pepper.

b> For the pancakes you can consult the step by step in the link that you will see below in notes and tips. Place the eggs and bacon on a plate and serve with the pancakes.

Notes and Tips

You can make American-style pancakes by following this article. In the United States they add maple syrup, but if you prefer you can substitute honey. Did you like the article? Do not miss this other delicious of:


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